Welcome to Kindergarten Kafe II, back by popular demand! :) I have had so much positive feedback from visitors to the first Kafe that I thought you might like some more wonderful recipes!! Like in Kindergarten Kafe, these recipes were dictated to me by my 5-year-olds! So sit back and enjoy these thoroughly delightful recipes!! And be sure to sign the guestbook at the bottom to let me know how you like them!!

Travis' Brown Fried Chicken

You put the chicken in first. Then the brown mess. Put it on top of the oven. You cook it 2 seconds at 30 degrees. When it gets through, put it in a plate so my brother and sister and me can eat it.

Daniel's Crunchy Hot Dogs

first they are cold. You put them on the grill. Then you cook them. When they are black, they are ready.

Brittney's Still-Running Chicken Legs

I think you fry them in a pan. You fry them 70 seconds at 50 degrees. You cook them until they are done. Then you take it out and eat them.

Kimberly's Delicious Macaroni and Cheese

First you buy some macaroni and cheese in a box. I think you put it in a pot. Then you turn the little thing to make it hot. Then when it's done, you put it in another pot and then put cheese on it. You cook it "a little bit".

Mary Lawrence's Easy Pizza

You get it from the Pizza Hut. They cook it for you. You eat it.

John's Bacon

Sometimes they just cook it in the oven or they cook it in the microwave. They usually cook it in the oven because it takes too long in the microwave. We put it in a pan and we turn the pan on. I think you just put it on medium. Let's see, sometimes my mama goes to check on it and if it's done, she takes it out. If it's not done, she just goes back and watches TV with me.

Steven's String Beans

You get them out of the cabinet. You open the can and put the beans in a pot. You cook them a long time what it tells on the stove. Then you take them off and eat them.

Caroline's B-Sgahetti

You make b-sgahetti this <-----> big and then you put meat in it. Then when you are finished, put it in the oven and turn it on. Cook it about 10 minutes about as hot as the school. Then you take it out and put white cheese (rolled up in balls) in there. When you put the cheese in the pot, you take b-sgahetti out and do this with your hand and mush and cut it and put it in your mouth and eat it.

Laura's Fried Chicken

You boil it in a pot. You boil it longer. It's done. Then you eat it. I like to eat rice and my chicken. To cook rice, you put it in a pan and let it cook a long time, about 1 minute. That's all!!

Lacie's Well-Done Cookies

You get flour and you get dough and you put the dough onto the pan. Then you cook them in the oven for 5 hours until they are hot enough to eat.

Johnnie's Turkey and Cookie Bake

You put it in the oven. Let it cook 2 hours at a pretty hot temperature. When it's cooking, I bake cookies with milk. When it cools off, you eat it.

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